We want to set you up for success!

The CTA PTSTA ACADEMY will help you integrate everything you have learned so far. A good process is like being forged in the fire – you come out with a strong sense of who you are as a transactional analyst, coach and consultant.

By joining the PTSTA CTA Workshop, you will get:

  • Professional presentations and discussions on TA theory
  • Supervision on your application of TA in your work
  • Structured support on how to write your case study
  • Mock exams to prepare you for the oral exam, and
  • Personal work to support breakthrough performance

During the PTSTA CTA Training you will:

  • Learn how to teach TA from Giles Barrow TSTA-E
  • Learn how to do TA supervision from Sue Eusden TSTA-P
  • Learn how to develop your TA business from Sari van Poelje TSTA-O

This will allow you to prepare in a focused and personalised way for your accreditation journey. It will also allow you to belong to a community of international colleagues who are all on the same journey.

Our renowned international staff will support you in every step of your journey. You are welcome from any field or any stage of preparation for your exam, after completing your basic TA training The official language is English, though we also work in Spanish, German, French, and Dutch. Participants are asked to provide their own translators.

Planning and subscribe
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Costs per program

For the 3 day CTA PTSTA workshop and Training:

  • Independent professional: 600 Euro
  • Organizational participant: 900 Euro
  • Free from VAT due to our CRKBO accreditation.
  • If you are an independent professional or if you work in an organization with less than 10 members you may register as an independent professional. If not you must register as an organizational participant.
  • We offer training fees adjusted to the disposable income per country, as stated in the Numbeo Index. If  you are located in a Developing Country Numbeo index to 50 e.g. Rumania, Hungary, you can use the discount code “lowerincome”. 

If there are 8 or more people interested we will organize a local program for you. Please book an intake if you are interested in getting more information.

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