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Exam preparation workshops (CTA TEW PTSA Academy)

International CTA/TEW/TSTA exam preparation workshops. For anyone who is in the process of getting accredited as a transactional analysis professional.



Intact Academy started the exam preparation workshops more than 20 years ago. We work with a staff of three: Giles Barrow (TSTA-E), Sue Eusden (TSTA-P) and Sari van Poelje (TSTA-O) to enable preparation in all fields.

The CTA TEW PTSTA ACADEMY will help you integrate the theory, knowledge and skills you have accumulated so far on your TA journey. A good preparation process is like being forged in the fire you come out with a strong sense of who you are as a transactional analyst in all fields.

By joining the CTA TEW PTSTA Workshop, in April and in October you will experience:

  • Professional presentations and discussions on TA theory
  • Supervision on your application of TA in your work
  • Structured support on how to write your case study
  • Mock exams to prepare you for the oral exam, and
  • Personal work to support breakthrough performance

This will allow you to prepare in a focused and personalized way for your accreditation journey. It will also allow you to belong to a community of international colleagues who are all on the same journey.

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Program Brochure

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