This program is for people who want to deepen their leadership and change management skills as organizational leaders, coaches and consultants.

The Leadership and Change Academy consists of six one-day master classes followed by one-day advanced supervision of application.

The Masterclasses are given by experienced leaders and consultants. They will talk of their real live experiences of implementing change in their organization.

The Advanced Supervision groups give you an opportunity to continue your development as a coach, consultant or manager or as a TA exam candidate. The goal is integration of theory into practice and personal and professional development.

The Masterclasses and Advanced Supervision are best attended together, but are also available as separate programs.

By the end of the program we expect participants will be able to:

  • Manage their own process in a way that supports the client’s process
  • Present a range of concepts and applications which reflect their best practice
  • Establish clear and ethical contracts even in ambiguous organizational settings
  • Use feedback and challenge effectively to enable insight and learning at a systemic level
  • Explore and work with the wider impact of systemic interventions
  • Apply a rigorous process of (self) evaluation to improve the standard of practice and organizational learning
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Costs per program

Independent professional: 2400 Euro
Organizational participant: 3000 Euro

  • Free from VAT due to our CRKBO accreditation.
  • If you are an independent professional or if you work in an organization with less than 10 members you may register as an independent professional. If not you must register as an organizational participant.
  • We offer training fees adjusted to the disposable income per country, as stated in the Numbeo Index. If  you are located in a Developing Country Numbeo index to 50 e.g. Rumania, Hungary, you can use the discount code “lowerincome”. 



Starts on 3th and 4th May 2018

Workshops Dates
Working with the unconscious 3 May 2018
Advanced supervision 4 May 2018
Personality at work 7 June 2018
Advanced supervision 8 June 2018
Direct communication and respectful challenge 12 July 2018
Advanced supervision 13 July 2018
The heroes journey 4 September 2018
Advanced supervision 5 September 2018
Discovering the unconscious self 4 October 2018
Advanced supervision 5 October 2018
Being an agile business coach 2 November 2018
Advanced supervision 3 November 2018

If there are 8 or more people interested we will organize a local program for you. Please book an intake if you are interested in getting more information.

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