Supervision is the art of supporting the development of professionals like trainers, coaches, leaders and consultants, so that they can develop their clients more effectively. This unique programme offers a series of practitioner-based, competency-led modules facilitated by an experienced intact coach-supervisor faculty with the objective of qualifying you as a European Supervision Association and ICF accredited supervisor.

The program includes 10 days plus 2 days international exam,  practice groups interlinked by 3 advanced supervision days.

Over a 9-month period you will experience:

  • A 1-hour Intake via Conference Telephone Call
  • 3 advanced supervision days to support your development
  • 5 workshops comprising theory, demonstration and live supervised practice in triads and small groups and an accreditation process
  • Peer coaching and supervision

By the end of the program we would expect participants to achieve  professional autonomy in four areas:

  • What do you do? Theoretical and technical knowledge – helping coaches and consultants develop an integrated frame of reference within their profession
  • How do you do it? Procedural knowledge – helping coaches and consultants build up flexible methods and procedures to deal with the requests of their clients
  • When do you do what? Judgement – helping coaches and consultants understand their ways of analysing, ethics and identity
  • Who are you as a supervisor? Identity – helping coaches and consultants increase their abilities to combine intuitive and planned insights and deal with ambiguity
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