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Costs per program

Independent professional: 2400 Euro
Organizational participant: 3000 Euro

  • Free from VAT due to our CRKBO accreditation.
  • If you are an independent professional or if you work in an organization with less than 10 members you may register as an independent professional. If not you must register as an organizational participant.
  • We offer training fees adjusted to the disposable income per country, as stated in the Numbeo Index. If  you are located in a Developing Country Numbeo index to 50 e.g. Rumania, Hungary, you can use the discount code “lowerincome”. 



Starts on 10th and 11th May 2018

Workshops Dates
Agility101 10-11 May 2018
14-15 June 2018
Agile Anticipation 11-12 September 2018
Agile Direction 31 October-1 November 2018
Agile Innovation 13-14 December 2018
Agile Cooperation 14-15 January 2019
Assessment team coaching 14-15 February 2019

If there are 8 or more people interested we will organize a local program for you. Please book an intake if you are interested in getting more information.

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