Your purpose and your business purpose change over time – video training


In this training video, I discuss why it’s important to stop to take the time to revisit your personal and business purpose.


Your purpose and your business purpose changes over time.

That’s also important.

yesterday we walked the Hero’s Journey as if it was a one-dimensional circle. in reality, the Hero’s journey is like DNA strands. So, every time you go through it you go through it at a different level of consciousness. So, that means you might have the same questions but the level of the question is different.

Does that make sense?

It’s the same thing with living or working to purpose. Every time you find your purpose like you did, you could hear the different levels of his answer.

And then sometimes you go, agghh, no! And you go back up.

So, every time you go through this exercise of: is this my purpose? is this what I’m meant to do? you’ll find that you have different answers at different periods in your life.

There’s a kind of musical rhythm to this journey we’re taking and sometimes you have to wait and sometimes you have to go… the trick is knowing when to stop and when to go.

Purpose is very important, but it’s also very important to realise that it’s not one thing, it will change as your life changes and as your business changes.

It’s really important that you repeat this kind of exercise. I do it at least twice a year. I sit down and I think. I take a week to fast and meditate, so I take a week to really think about: is this it? Because usually, we don’t have time for that, right?

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